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Ignite your potential today. Book a free consultation for tailored faith based mental coaching in sports, arts, and eSports.

What is Mental Performance Coaching?

Mental performance coaching is a process that involves the development and enhancement of psychological skills to improve performance, well-being, and overall functioning. This may include areas such as goal setting, motivation, concentration, confidence, emotional regulation, and communication. Mental performance coaches work with individuals and groups, such as athletes, performers, and business professionals, to help them achieve their goals and overcome obstacles.

We are more than coaches; we are champions of both experience
and achievement. With a unique fusion of practical coaching
excellence and firsthand success, our team is your ultimate
source of mental strength and growth.

James Driessen


What Clients
Are Saying

"Walked in with a lot of negative self talk in my game, where I would be hard on myself if I made mistakes. And I would dwell on those to even after the game. But now I am able to move on using the different techniques and new understanding of my mental tendency."

Jayden M (17)

Athlete (Baseball)

"James believed in me and gave me the confidence to step out. He has been a constant source of encouragement to me. His mentorship and guidance gave me practical skills to develop as both a musician and now a leader. I have been able to accomplish more than I ever thought possible through James’ wisdom and leadership."

Jonas G (14)

Musician (Piano/Worship Musical Director)

"James was able to discuss the idea of flow state that I could use directly with my own performance. He was able to challenge my own self criticisms that were holding me back, he provided tools, and coached us through exercises that showed how we can use them in our gymnastics competition. I learned a new script to be my own best coach."

Aria B (15)

Athlete (Gymnastics)

"James taught me many valuable lessons about life. His words and actions help to shape people’s lives both mentally and spiritually. His passion for educating and encouraging others to find and become the best version of themselves, is inspirational."

Jacob H (23)

Athlete (Rugby)

“James was the first coach I've had that not only cared about me as a player and my growth within rugby, but also my personal growth by wanting me to succeed in life as well.”

Tanner G (22)

Athlete (Rugby)

"Was a great experience and shifted my overall thinking of performance. James encouraged me to utilize journaling as a form of mental preparation, like forgetting my shoes before a game, journaling is like suiting up my mind. Performance is much more than just the physical body."

Kamren B (18)

Athlete (Basketball)

"James is one of the most knowledgeable coaches I have worked with on mental mastery and performance. I admire his consistent authenticity and desire to help others become their best. His years of experience in athletic mastery have allowed him to build a foundation of tools to help anyone become their best self and become unstoppable. Not to mention, he is a man of high integrity and values and truly cares about his clients."

Chris B


"James Driessen accelerates productivity. I reached out to Mr. Driessen because my motivation and willingness to finish my work plan was literally vanishing. I had decreasing energy and my projects weren't being done in a timely fashion. I was exhausted and feeling hopeless."

Marius M

Business Owner/Entreprenuer

“James has an incredible way of connecting with those he coaches. That connection enables each party to grow together and pursue the goals they set together. That was one of the highlights of my time in Minnesota was watching him coach through connection.”

Sean L

Premier Rugby Sevens
VP of Operations

"My daughter began collaborating with James when she joined the track team. I've observed remarkable progress in various aspects of her life. She developed an effective schedule that enhanced her athletic performance and allowed her to stay organized with her schoolwork. This boosted her self-esteem by managing a busy schedule and achieving the goals set with James. Bullish Drive has truly been a blessing, as excelling as an athlete requires both physical training and the mental tools to go the distance."

Yuli C

Parent (Track)

“I was pleasantly surprised. My son is a young teen and I worried if he’d be able to grasp what James was teaching. However, my son was able to repeat many of the teachings James was providing which gave me confidence that he was utilizing it.”

Johnny Y

Parent (Volleyball)

“James is there for you. He's there to provide guidance and comfort, at the same time he applies the "pressure" needed to create a diamond.”

Andy S

Bullish Drive Client

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